who we are

a catholic coffee service educating our customers in virtue and promoting virtuous living through the liturgical seasons

what we believe

People can be good if given the chance.

"Christian, recognize your dignity and, now that you share in God's own nature, do not return to your former base condition by sinning... remember that you have been rescued from the power of darkness and brought into the light of the Kingdom of God." - St. Leo the Great

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what we do:

we skip the espresso and focus on delicious coffee



specialty roasts: premium catholic roasters



light, medium, dark brewed coffee and specialty flavored coffee



milk from

Schoch Dairy,

syrups from Holy Kakow

like the saints… it’s simply good!

Shallow Focus Photography of Cafe Late

sip. breathe.

pray. surrender.


with some rejoicing thrown

in there sometimes.

where we are:

based in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA

American State Oregon
American State Oregon
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Wholiness Cafe LLC

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about us

saintly coffee started when a new mom decided she did not want to miss out on time with the family God had given her, nor leave all the bread winning to her husband.

she saw coffee as the perfect entry to sharing the beauty of Catholic heritage and liturgical culture!